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Lip models

Would you like to model for DEJAMO ?

Throughout the year we recruit and hold model periods for specific procedures.

This page is updated at given intervals to keep you in the know with our latest offers.

Please read below and if interested fill in the form on the 'Book Now' page.

Before and after lip filler

Seeking models for Lip filler

In May and June 2024 we will be holding a total of 16 clinic days and recruiting up to 50 Lip filler models on a first come first served basis. 

We will be offering extremely generous rates to models as shown below. 

0.5 ml: Normal rate £155 | Model rate £99 

1 ml: Normal rate £199 | Model rate £129 

Model Requirements

  • Must be over the age of 18

  • Must allow use of filming and photography during treatment

  • Must allow DEJAMO to create content for social media platforms

  • Must be available for 2 week review

Before and after lip filler
Before and after lip filler

Dates in May 2024

  • Tuesday 7th May

  • Wednesday 8th May

  • Thursday 9th May

  • Friday 10th May

  • Saturday 11th May

  • Friday 24th May

  • Saturday 25th May

  • Sunday 26th May

Dates in June 2024

  • Tuesday 18th June

  • Wednesday 19th June

  • Thursday 20th June

  • Friday 21st June

  • Saturday 22nd June

  • Tuesday 25th June

  • Wednesday 26th June

  • Thursday 27th June

Before and after lip filler
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